The top secondary menu is not working

If you are updating the theme you'll need to re-import the theme-options.xml file. This is what you do: 1 - Edit your WP user. At the bottom of the page there's a checkbox labelled "Show Settings & Docs". Click it and save. 2 - You'll see an "Option Tree" item on the left. Navigate into the "Settings" page. Then click the "Import" tab. 3 - In the first upload box you need to add the XML file attached (extract first) to this post (or else look in the theme folder in 'gonzo/option-tree/theme-options.xml'). Once uploaded click "Import XML". 4 - Then you can add a custom menu to the menu location provided in Appearance > Menus 5 - Head over to your theme options and activate the menu in the Miscellaneous tab.