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Question about theme
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    Ollie replied

    The method for the colours in the menu is in the documentation included in the main zip file. As for the images - can I get wp logins and a link to a page where it's a problem.

  • Taetae replied

    Please help

  • Taetae replied

    - Refer to the live preview >> http://themeforest.net/item/gonzo-clean-responsive-wp-magazine/full_screen_preview/2415788

    The color of navigation background is change when mouse over on it.

    So you should tell me how to do that , Please

    - I already try add "img.alignleft, img.alignright, img.aligncenter, img.alignnone {max-width:96%;}" to custom css but nothing happen still the same when look in mobile device.

    Thank you

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    Ollie replied


    1 - The social icons only show up on the author page. If you want them on the single post page then you'll have to customise. A general rule of thumb is that it is not in the live preview then it is not in the theme.

    2 - Again this is a customisation so it's not covered by my support policy.

    3 - This is not a theme specific question - it is a general wordpress question. You need to setup the custom menus. You can find out more in the wordpress codex.

    4 - You can add this to your custom css theme option.

    img.alignleft, img.alignright, img.aligncenter, img.alignnone {max-width:96%;}

  • Taetae started the conversation

    Hi , I've bought ur theme Gonzo. I've some question that i currently strucking on that. Please help.

    1 ) How to add Social icon below Author details that in bottom part of every single post pages ?
    Coz I saw in user details inside admin can input social links.

    2 ) How to change the background color of category name on homepage to be different color on each categories ?
    I already search in forum and you just said have to custom it, But I don't know how ?

    3 ) Can I add dropdown on the main navigation menu to show sub-categories links ?

    4 ) I put images with 600 width size to every post. Its ok when look in pc screen / ipad. But when open in Mobile phone / iPhone , The images is out of website responsive container and i have to zoom out to see full images.  Is there anyways to fix this ?


    Please help me clarify this. Many thanks in advance. Regards