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slider and page setup


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    Jason started the conversation

    Sorry if this is a duplicate ticket, I submitted the question privately on monday but hadn't heard a response.

    Firstly thanks for the theme, its amazing.  I am a novice and have got by so far writing a games review site with my children however I am after some pointers.

    The front page shows a slider scrolling the latest posts and below it thumbnail links to the posts.  How do I also display the slider and thumbnail posts onto another page and also only get the slider to only pick up on a certain category like you did on your demo? e.g. On my site I want to split the "news" and "reviews" onto separate pages but I do not see how to customise the slider and it keeps displaying all of the latest posts regardless of category.

    My ideal layout is to have all of my pages showing a slider and thumbnail posts just like the home page and your demo. 



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    Ollie replied

    Apologies again Jason, I've replied to your original ticket.