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  • Fabroum started the conversation


    I have a category's name too long but I need to keep it.  May I know how to remove or hide this Category title, except like title on category's page ?

    Thanks for help. Best regards


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    Ollie replied

    Hi, can I get a link to where the long name is causing problems? 

  • Fabroum replied


    To see the site

    Login :ollie

    MP : OllieMcCarty&gonzo2

    Adress home (accueil) : http://preprod.denisbaupin.fr

    adress category : http://preprod.denisbaupin.fr/category/lettre-ouverte/

    Waiting, I excluded the category from home page.


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    Ollie replied

    Hi there, it looks like your site is down. I'll check-in in a day or so and look at the problem again.

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    Ollie replied

    Hi there, I couldn't do much because the user account you made for me doesn't have administrator privileges. Anyway I did manage to hack together some css that you can paste into your "custom css" theme option: 

    h3.omc-blog-one-cat {
        position: absolute;
        top: 4px;
        left: 0px;
        max-width: 166px;
        overflow: hidden;
        height: 27px;
        padding-top: 3px;
        padding-bottom: 3px;
        text-overflow: ellipsis;
        white-space: nowrap;
  • Fabroum replied

    Thank you very much. This is a good solution. And sorry for the privilege error (I change).

    I have another problem with the video. If I post a video (youtube for example), I can not have the automatic creation of thumbnail, nor in the image featured, nor to publish it in the native slideshow.
    I added the Video Thumbnail plugin, but that produces a thumbnail and allows to display it in the slide show but it is not resized. This plugin is not tested for the latest WP version. Perhaps this is the reason.
    I did not find anything about it in the documentation.

    have you a advice?



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    Ollie replied

    Normally if the user pastes in the embed code and uploads a featured image it will work fine. 

    I can't promise that the theme is compatible with every plugin out there as this is not logistically feasible.

  • Fabroum replied

    Hi Ollie

    I come back because I have some else problems (sorry)

    I notice that if I paste something ( for example, a text)  with tags from another site, it change the layout. Example: http://denisbaupin.fr/edf-nucleaire-la-loi-a-ete-votee-et-quelle-le-veuille-ou-non-edf-devra-lappliquer/

    Personally I can clean the text but not the other users.

    Is it possible to change that?

    I notice too that the page load (home page for example) are sometime slow (probably because images) but it's awful because of resizing images. How can I fix it? It's not just a question of weight, because widgets's images weighs 4ko but they are slow too.

    Thanks for advices

    Have a good day