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Does not work with Shortcode Ultimate Plugin


  • Dimitri started the conversation

    Hi Ollie,

    I am using Shortcode Ultimate plugin with your theme but it did not work. I tried switching to other theme and it worked.

    Could you please find the problem, or what should I do to fix this ?

    My gratitude for your help.

  • Dimitri replied

    Update :

    I found the situation that the plugin worked in some categories, but the other categories did not. So I guess the problem came from the categories.

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    Ollie replied

    Hi there, I can't promise that the theme is compatible with every plugin out there as this is not logistically feasible.

    Perhaps contact the authors of the plugin as they might have seen a similar problem like this before.

  • Dimitri replied

    Hi Ollie, thanks for the reply,

    I sorted out the problem. Turned out the plugin did not work for any post with categories that has no background.

    After I added a background, be it a simple white bg or anything, the plugin worked. If I remove the background, the plugin would not work.