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AdSense Ad Not Displaying


  • David started the conversation

    I am using the responsive adsense code in the header widget and it's not displaying. 

    I am getting an error "adsbygoogle.push() error: No slot size for availableWidth=0" 

    I've added height and width to the divs around this and still nothing, any ideas? Have you seen this before?

    If I add the code in the general content area it displays fine (scroll to the bottom for an example) ...


    Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    Ollie replied

    Hi, I just loaded your site in opera and the header banner works fine. Is this still an issue for you?

  • David replied

    Hi Ollie,

    I was trying in Chrome and FireFox and wasn't showing. I just checked with Opera and Edge and is showing in those browsers. Also checked IE and doesn't show there.

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    Ollie replied

    Let's continue the support in this ticket. 

    Ok so the very first thing I always do in javascript situations like this is to deactivate the other plugins. Nine times out of ten, when there is some javascript not functioning correctly, the problem is that there is a conflict with another plugin. 

    Can't you deactivate the plugins for 10 seconds - reload the page to see if it works and then activate them again? You can bulk activate/deactivate the plugins- 10 seconds isn't that much downtime to be fair.